Reagan Wilkins | San Antonio, TX 78209 | 979-224-0816

Welcome to my blog

My purpose in creating this blog is to consolidate my work into one place and give the world a sample of the types of web experiences I can create with just a laptop and a week's time.

The resume tab in the navbar will take you to a detailed description of my educational and volunteering history. There, you will also learn which programming languages I am proficient in.

The portfolio tab in the navbar will take you to a list of major projects that I've completed both as a solo developer and in a group setting. Each project will have a link to it, if one is available, so you will be able to use the various applications that I have built for yourself.

If you would like to contact me, I am most easily reached by email at Whether you are looking to hire a dedicated full-stack web developer and think I fit the bill or whether you are just a fellow coder with questions or comments about my work, feel free to contact me!