Reagan Wilkins | San Antonio, TX 78209 | 979-224-0816

Programming Projects I've Worked On

Simple Simon (a JavaScript game built on the jQuery library):

Whack-a-Mole (a JS game built on the jQuery library):

Spatula City (A spatula-based Adlister built in a team setting):

Calculator (A fully functioning JavaScript application with 14 different operators):

Battlequest (A fully functioning 80's-style Command-Line Choose Your Own Adventure Game)

Battlequest 2 [In Development] (A Choose Your Own Adventure Game with turn-based combat implemented)

Battlequest 3 [In Development] (A sidescroller game with a variety of environments, enemies, and attack types)

Social Notes (Codeup Capstone Project: A social network and online note-taking application all in one!)

Bo Wilkins for President (A silly, but nonetheless functioning website about my dog's Presidential Campaign)

Go Fish! [In Development] (A JavaScript/jQuery game. Opponent will remember cards you've asked for)

The Right Trigger . com (A Laravel reimagining of my video game review blog. Allows for easy subscription)

Screenlight [Working title, in development] (A Dating Site/Social Network with focus on user customization)